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Out of Game Experiences — October 17, 2017

Out of Game Experiences


Ovak: Which one of our characters is which one of these bosses? I already know who Tempest is…
Tempest: Tempest is the splits one or the sexy outfit one on the right?
Ovak: Splits, easy.
Nia: Splits. It’s the closest to tumbling you can get. 😀
Ovak: I think Mara is on the right, sensual, revealing, and totally covering…
Mara: Yeah Mara is the one on the right.
Nia: I think Nia is the one on the left, a little separate from everyone.
Ovak [at the same time]: I kinda want Nia to be on the left ’cause he’s separated.
Nia: Hahaha, I had that thought hours ago but didn’t text. Perfect timing.
Ovak: The other one is Ovak ’cause he’s super chill and supportive.
Mara: This is gold.
Nia: Word.

And so, from left to right: Lavinia, Ovak, Tempest, Mara.

Sometime later…
Tempest: Oh, PS, DM is the black curtain against which we are all standing.
Nia: Or, the music to which we dance.

10/3/17 SUMMARY — October 3, 2017

10/3/17 SUMMARY

We need to cross a river.

The party swims across without Pitter and Max and Lukil. Or maybe Max is there? MiLi and Starbuck are there. And Tempe’s egg.

We get to a town called Duskwood and Mara flirts with some Benedict Cumberbatch guards.

They tell us kids are dying. There’s a lot of blood at the scene of the crimes and the DM says maybe they drowned in it?

We find a body and talk to the mayor. He lets us investigate the murders/abductions.

The places where kids are dying makes a triangle on the map. Illuminati confirm!

Nia turns Mara into a sleepy kitten to wear on her shoulder and goes to find Ovak and Tempe (who were super investigating the beast areas–maybe it’s a bird?).

Tempe’s birdie egg hatches!


Mara Cat —
The Exact Dog Face —
Ovakill —
Children Dying in Duskglade —
Hey Lady! —

Hey Lady!

Mara: Maybe she feels the train coming in her feet?

DM: You’ll catch up to her.

Tempest: And she’ll be like, “Why are you running after me? Didn’t you see the dead body?!”

Ovak: And I’lll be like, “I rolled a nat 1, what do you want from me?!”

Buglehorn Curdledurdle —

Buglehorn Curdledurdle

Bopplepork Humblehatch
Benadryl Cucumberpatch
Banister Crumblebench
Buttercup Cumbersnatch
Bucket Crunderdunder
Bodysnatch Cumberbund
Beandip Pumkinpatch
Belchywelch Curfewman
Plumberbutt PooPooCatchoo
Bumblebee Crappersnap
Bendyman Coodlenoodle
Bittercrisp Cuddlefish
Budderbutt Marzipan
Biddybot Cooperydoo
Bumbsnuff Crimpysnitch
Bumbledore Cauliflower
Boobdick Crumplepot
Bloodybot Crappypants
Buttersmooth Soldierboy
Boomerang Summerseve
Everything is Broken —