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Level Up — August 13, 2017
Summary 8/11/17 — August 11, 2017

Summary 8/11/17

The party went to the shepherds camp and went into a yurt to talk with the dwarves.  Max turned invisible and sat in a tent and picked some pockets.  Tempest seduced the dwarves and then scared them.  Britain said he would tell us what we wanted to know.  Even though the other dwarves said they would frikin stab him. He went to Nia and said that they were hiding the silverbacks in a cave.  The dwarves decided to attack us so Max set the tent on fire and we dipped hard.  Ovak turns into a horse and Nia and Max both ride him.

We arrive at the secret yeti cave and enter on our super secret mission.  FIGHT TIME with some dwarves and one was an archer, and one was a wizard.  Max burned a dude to death even though Tempest and Nia had agreed to do non-lethal damage.  Tempest made some vines to grab a dude.  Gloria was totally a bear-lady-dwarf the whole time. Ovak is probably gonna die.  Nia hit a guy with a NON-LETHAL ice beam and “Knocked him unconscious”.  Also Baller is there and he is trying to kill us too.


No context needed… —
“Persuasion” —
Evocation Dysfunction —
He’s got stamina —
Don’t mind me. Imma just grab my stuff and leave. —
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Love me and despair! —