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Summary 2/5– Casual RP Night (pt1) — February 5, 2018

Summary 2/5– Casual RP Night (pt1)

We goin’ bullet points tonight:

  • At the pub the same night: Tempe took Trogdor to bone town, Nia went looking for God, Mara asked Ovak for relationship advice. Definitely the best person she could have asked…
  • The next day we went to the emperor’s brunch.
    • Ovak found the oatmeal bar
    • Tempe talked to Tomas a bird
    • Mara challenged a dragonborne gladiator to a fight some time
    • Nia almost chatted with rainbow dress woman (RDW) but then decided against that
    • RDW flirted, maybe?, with Tempest and then flipped out
    • The emperor touched Tempe’s egg wink wink
    • Drunk Ovak gave sober Mara some interesting advice
    • Nia was not about that
    • She told Mara about her dead fiance
    • She basically shut Mara down
    • They both cried
    • A surprisingly sober Ovak told Mara he’d be there to listen if she needed him

Summary by Ovak

During the DTR pt. II —

During the DTR pt. II

Nia [crying]: I just didn’t even know that you owned a dress [sob] because I thought you only wore armor [sob] and you look really nice today. [sob]

Mara starts crying too.

During the DTR —
Drunk Druid —
Attention Hog, Tempe —
Meet Kanku and the Hotties —

Meet Kanku and the Hotties

Nobu – the not-so-sexist gladiator

Tomas – the most “proper” kanku in existence

Eylin – rainbow on the outside, fuckin’ nuts and darkness on the inside


DM: And for the main event…

Mara: The Emperor come out and does a strip tease?

Ovak: He’s already shirtless, what more could he tease?

Nobu the ten foot half dragon dude! —
Ever wondered about Ovak’s Underwear? —