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Some basic guards — October 3, 2017

Some basic guards

Ovak: Did everyone see my ret con? These two guys look like Bloodybot Crappypants.

Tempest: That just sounds like a period.

Ovak: So they both look like that.

Tempest: Like they’re PMS-ing?

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Summary 9/26 — September 26, 2017

Summary 9/26

  • Nia is a total klepto and steals things from temples as they travel.
  • Everyone catches up with Mara: Mara tries to help Nia collect things, Ovak and Mara talk magic.
  • As the party is setting up camp, two people approach and ask for Livinia. Nia indicates Tempest is her.
  • The messengers insist on taking only “Nia” to deliver their news.
  • Tempest leads the messenger away and he ATTACKS her. AHHHHHHH!
  • Assassin Imberion critically sneak attacks Tempest when they’re alone. 😦 😦 😦
  • Tempest crit hits him back! Because she’s a bad ass. Representing Nia well.
  • The battle wraps up. The party has to cut off the assassin’s arm after he tried to kill himself with a rune on it. Tempest straddles him (sexually) and interrogates.
  • The other assassin gets away. The group tried to talk to the assassin that has one arm at this point but he isn’t really with it. He keeps saying that her dad sent him.
  • Nia asks Ovak to cut off the guys other arm. Tempest tries to stop him. Nia casts suggestion on her and makes her hold back. Ovak gets mad at Nia because he hurt Tempest.
  • Lukil takes the assassin to heal him.
  • Mara guards Tempest and they talk about how they didn’t like that Nia had Ovak cut off the guys second arm.
  • Mara and Tempest have some sexy dance time. Nia OOC ships it.
  • Nia talks to Julianos and he says he will go through some channel and figure some stuff out. He also gives Nia some alarm items to put outside Nia and Tempests’ tent.
  • Ovak helps Nia be a better person.
  • Nia tells Tempest her life story and they reconcile.
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