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Royal Attire — July 10, 2018

Royal Attire

Mara: Definitely not trying to impress anyone. See-through nude dress, the best crown around

Mara Final

Ovak: Reppin’ Pepe. Sun crown, baggy pants, skeleton feet

Ovak Final

Tempest: The Bell of the Ball. Mask of Sauron, see-through gown with flowy flows

Tempest Final

Nia: Rockin’ that body…. with a very small image file… 3 strand gold circlet and maroon and charcoal strappy gown

Nia Final

Summary 7/10/18 —

Summary 7/10/18

The party arrives in The Dragon’s Eye and start looking for cultists. Nia finds a sketchy guy and Mara proceeds to try to disrupt his preaching. She is loud and maybe discourages some people from listening to him. Meanwhile, Ovak actually talks to the dude and learns a bunch of stuff, like the Queen was maybe planning to submit to Tibbi 12-pack and no one trusts the Queen. Ovak “wishes him the best.” 

The party has some bad dreams. Mara goes to Ovak and they meditate together to try to get answers from Pelor (aka Pepe). We never find them because the party completely dissolves into chaos, doodling about sex on the map, as per usual. (No, but really, we find out the dreams are caused by Scarn).

Ovak and Mara have a nice moment about the power of love in friendship. Ovak makes lots of uncomfortable comments about how he might not always be around.

Everyone gets in their spiritual clothing and head up the mountain to the capital. Ovak and the Hotties go to get an audience with the Queen while the nood droods go find the other drood doods in the north.

The party goes SHOPPINNNNGGGGGGG for some queen-worthy attire. The party then struts to the castle, Ovak heralding the way. They manage to get an audience with the queen who is a total battle-hottie. They convince her that some bad s*** is going down and to have the necropolis checked out for sketchy stuff.

The party then goes to tell the Golden Suns what’s up and Mara gets to bring the news to them. Nia and Tempe and Ovak rip the Golden Suns a new one, and they are super chill about it. We bounce.



At the Golden Suns —
Palantir Message #2 —

Palantir Message #2

Dear Emperor Tyberius,

This morning we went shopping and got some fantastic dresses! We got them so we could go meet the Queen in the North. I personally looked the best.

Anyways, we let the Queen know there was some stuff going on with Scarn and the zombies. She said she trusts her entire guard and would double check the catacombs below the city for any activity.

Then we went to go see the Golden Suns–I think they’re a boy band?–and ask for heir help fighting Scarn. This all isn’t important, but I’m trying to say we are gonna need a lot of help to fight him if he really is rising! I am sure you’ll be there to save the day just in time as well. 🙂

The druids went on north to meet the other druids, so maybe they’re planing a get together? I really think they have the continent’s best interests at heart. You needn’t worry about them at all, you could wipe the all out in one sweep!

Miss you!


Tempest ❤

Love Tr’angles. —
Greetings —
A Spiritual Experience —

A Spiritual Experience

Mara: I put on my gypsy outfit as we travel to the capital. I want this to be a spiritual experience.

DM: Your totally covering but extremely sensual armor?

Mara OOC: I have plate mail now, DM, so it’s no long extremely sensual , it’s just kickass.

Ovak: I’m just butt naked. Because this is a spiritual experience.

DM and all: No, [insert good reasons not to be]

Someone: Banana hammock.



It was love all along —

It was love all along

Ovak: You need to find something to put your faith in.

Mara: The gypsies told me to believe in love. But love… hasn’t really been working out so great for me.

Ovak: Yeah, I kind of remember that from… like 2 weeks ago while we were in Rome the whole time.

Mara: But love… love can be like friend stuff, right? Because I feel like we got a lotta love here.

Ovak: Yeah for sure. Yo, Mara, I love you.

*Commence bro handshake thing*

On a Nick-name basis —