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Summary 6/16

  • Ovak and Nia run after a wolf. Baller and the rest stick at the camp. Max utilizes his fire cantrips. Ovak and Nia stumble upon a bunch of wolves. Nia bamfs out. One of the wolves turns into an elf. Ovak turns back into a half-orc.
  • Adria and Ovak chit-chat about the balance and other druid SHTUFF. Ovak is trying his best.
  • Adria tells Ovak that she will teach him stuff if he restores the balance to Balfam. Whatever the heckies that means. She says the conflict between the dwarves and the Romans is about to boil over. But Ovak says, so is justice.
  • Ovak returns and lets Nia ride him as a black horse back to the group. Nia lies for a little bit but Max totally catches it. Nia winks are Max, Max winks by turning his eye into a tiefling eye and back.
  • Ovak relays what he learned. “Told ya”
  • Walking back to town, Ovak talks to Vilar about the history between the Dwarves and the giants and the dwarves and the romans. Vilar talks about how the Romans are rude and the Dwarves are a proud race.
  • The party returns to town and finds a dwarf in the stockade at the center of town. Nia kneels down to speak with him and he says he is being punished for being a free dwarf and he spits in her face. She then asks the guard what he did. The guy stole horses and is going to be hanged the next day.
  • The party has a team meeting and Max theorizes that the dwarves are the ones stealing the horses. Ovak doesn’t know what to do, aka we have no idea what to do.
  • The party makes a bunch of Hamilton references while Max sneaks out for some recon.
  • Ovak and Lukil snuggle. Nia and Ovak bond over their boyfriends dying in their arms.
  • The party goes to the ampitheatre and looks at the carvings of the history of the dwarves, including their conflict with the storm giants and the Romans coming in and killing all the female-warrior-bear-druid-dwarves.
  • Nia persuades Mayor Gravel-Gavel to lesson the punishment for the Dwarf in the center of town to become a bondservant for a noble family near Rome instead of being hung. She also trades her Storm Giant Great Axe for a pony for the guy.
  • Michael and Kayla are buying a bed frame.
  • Tempest, Max, and Ovak go to see the Matriarch. Max asks if she can explain the carvings to him. She explains stuff.
  • The party heads out to the shepherd’s camp. We want to ask Gloria and Baller and Vilar about:
    • talk to them about specifics, how many silverbacks have gone missing, at what rate, for how long have they been dissapearing (Fast talk trip them up)
    • Suspects dwarves are hiding them. Believes they are hiding them but still taking care of them and sheperding them.


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All OOC:

Max thinks he is the smartest person in the room

DM: Does he also write like he’s running out of time?

Nia: I think history has its eyes on him

DM: These guys walk in and are like, “Who, who is this kid? What’s he gonna do?”


Nia: Time to take a shot.

Tempe: “I dream of life without the monarchy,” the dwarf in the stockade.