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Brunch with the Emperor — February 5, 2018

Brunch with the Emperor

Mara: I have like really nice clothes from my noble background. I have like a dress and a necklace and stuff. And I”m gonna use prestidigitation to try to get some makeup going on.

Ovak: Inspired by Mara, I’m gonna wash my pants the night before.

DM: Which is awkward because he only has one pair of pants.

The DM has spoken. —
Meta Mara —
It was Nia. They made out!! —
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Mara dresses up nice —
Sexual Roleplaying — February 2, 2018
Summary 2/2 —

Summary 2/2

We talk about our leveling. DM recaps from last week and reminds us that we were actually doing something before we got distracted by the ghost boy – heading to the capitol.  Tempe has sex all night with Trogdor. Trogdor wanted to come but couldn’t leave his duties. Nia offers to give Tempe a little help because she cares about her. Nia cast suggestion and uses bend luck to give him a -4 and DM rolls a nat one. So Travis is coming along now. Mara asks Nia for magic advice – not the best choice. Julianos tells Nia that the assassins weren’t really sent by her father and that they were members of another legion of the Roman army. Tempe looks for Max and he finds her. Nia cock blocks Nick/Mara again. Ovak teaches Elizabecca and Victoria about outdoorsy things.

Nia’s dad and brothers show up. They argue about all the trouble Nia has caused and finding Nia a way to have a more “stable” profession. Nia offers to take the cloth and renounce her estate (if they also take care of Cortesia and her grandmother).

Everyone leaves Nia’s family and the party speculates WTF is happening with Nia’s family.

Mara is the best and invites Nia to camp out with them. Tiberius (the non-sucky brother) shows up and hangs out. He says he doesn’t know anything about who was trying to kill Nia.

#Marvinia happens.

The party meets the SUPER hot emperor in the capitol. They go to meet him personally in a private meeting between the delegation and the emperor and his dudes. Mara’s true identity is revealed to the stupid sun boys. Tempe flirts with the emperor and pledges herself to him. The emperor (seductively?) touches the ice pendant on Ovak’s BODY.

We make plans for brunch with the Tibbi 12-pack in the morning and then go to the nearest pub.