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Secret Santa — November 14, 2017

Secret Santa

Nia OOC: Sorry the rest of the night will be spotty. I can’t restart my computer without updating and that will take forever.

Mara OOC: Nia’s secret santa has to get her a new computer.

Nia used Fireball, obvi. —
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Why was Max outside your room? —

Why was Max outside your room?

Mara: It makes sense that you would trust Max, the worst person in the party.

Livinia: Max and I have had a lot of really deep talks.

Mara: We’ve had lots of deep talks but they are usually followed by you betraying me in some small way.

Livinia: It’s not always small.

DM: They usually end with you calling Mara a demon.

Ovak: We need some conflict resolution