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10/3/17 SUMMARY — October 3, 2017

10/3/17 SUMMARY

We need to cross a river.

The party swims across without Pitter and Max and Lukil. Or maybe Max is there? MiLi and Starbuck are there. And Tempe’s egg.

We get to a town called Duskwood and Mara flirts with some Benedict Cumberbatch guards.

They tell us kids are dying. There’s a lot of blood at the scene of the crimes and the DM says maybe they drowned in it?

We find a body and talk to the mayor. He lets us investigate the murders/abductions.

The places where kids are dying makes a triangle on the map. Illuminati confirm!

Nia turns Mara into a sleepy kitten to wear on her shoulder and goes to find Ovak and Tempe (who were super investigating the beast areas–maybe it’s a bird?).

Tempe’s birdie egg hatches!


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SUMMARY 8/21/17 — August 21, 2017

SUMMARY 8/21/17

Max killed a dangerous dwarf archer, Tempest knocked out Ballur the baller. Max kicked him while he was out but then Tempest healed him. The dwarf werebear, Glorna, knocked the sh*t out of Starbuck and MiLi, then Ovak. Lukil arrived in the nick of time to catch Ovak hitting the ground and healed him! Nia called dibs on Ballur’s frost weapons and hugely helped in taking down the werebear (with non-lethal damage). Max heartlessly killed Glorna, the last of the werebears.
After the fight, Ovak saw a wolf in the cave and ran out after it! Tempest brought a captive Ballur to the body of his sister (Glorna) and protected his life even though Max wanted to kill him. Nia and Max looted everything! Then we took the bodies and Ballur out of the cave with a cart. We dropped everyone but Ballur off at the dwarf shepherd camp, then we headed back to the human town.
Ovak lost the running wolf in the snow and ran for an hour to get to the Sorceress’ camp. The sorceress is in wolf form with her wolves but transforms into a human as Ovak walks up and transforms into a half-orc. They talk about balance and run back to town to help save the dwarves from themselves.
In town, the dwarves are burning buildings and killing Romans. The Matriarch of dwarves went to kill the Mayor while the Sorceress put out the fire over the barracks. Nia made a good speech and the Mayor cried & shriveled like a baby. Rory came out of nowhere as a real sneaky killer and Max killed a guard. He tried to kill Rory but Tempest tackled him and they just knocked him out. Nia had a little chat with the mayor and here’s the result… basically, the Mayor states that everything was his personal fault, and to make up for the ways he has failed the Emperor, he is resigning. In his place he is recommending a counsel of 5 people, 3 dwarves (one being the matriarch) and 2 Romans, the temple priest and Max. He is also going to personally pay for the restoration of Dwarf property, land, and to ensure a thriving silverback trade that allows for both Roman needs, but also for Dwarves to have enough that they can use however they want.
Nia also explains everything to the dwarf Matriarch.

Ovak’s life flashed before his eyes, again. —
Bedtime–but I want to play! —