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During the DTR pt. II — February 5, 2018

During the DTR pt. II

Nia [crying]: I just didn’t even know that you owned a dress [sob] because I thought you only wore armor [sob] and you look really nice today. [sob]

Mara starts crying too.

Victoria Jupiter — January 9, 2018

Victoria Jupiter

DM: Mara, would you like her to be your squire?

Mara: I’d like her to complete my set of three…

Ovak: Wait, who are you getting rid of?

Mara: Kevin! He doesn’t exist!

Nia: Oooh, can I have Kevin?!

DM: Sure.

Battle for the Grimoire —

Battle for the Grimoire

Nia: I pick up the book.

Mara: Before she gets there, I’m going to stab it!

Ovak: Technically Mara is first in the turn order…

DM: Roll agility against each other.

Nia: I cast Misty Step to get there before her!

Mara: I’d like to point out that I am in melee range.

DM: Okay Mara gets there first.

Mara: I stab it!

Nia: So it just has a sword hole in it? I guess I’ll still try to read it.

Mara: Are you kidding me? It’s on the end of my sword! I play keep-away so you can’t get it.

Nia: Then I punch you in the face.

Mara: You really try to punch me?

Nia: I use bend luck to get advantage and I punch her!

DM: Okay Mara takes a point of damage.

Nia: I’m so proud of that point of damage.


Nia OOC: She just wanted to read the title you idiots. 

Mara straight bitchin’ —
Nia so Hot — December 19, 2017
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Religious Talk —
Tempe Blogs through Technical Difficulties —

Tempe Blogs through Technical Difficulties

Tempe and Mara were dancing in chrome gypsy clothes and unable to join the rest of the party in their twenty rollings.

Thus, the group tried to zoom into each other’s faces but Tempe, Ovak, and the DM began hearing way too much of each other. The echoes of the zoom cavern grew too great so the party traveled to the Sky in hopes that it would be less echo-y.

It wasn’t. The party fell from the Sky and over to the hangout of G.O. Ogle. Unfortunately the hangout spot was pretty echo-y as well. Mara and Nia patiently waited for the rest of the party when DISCORD struck!

So now the party is in discord. No one can see each other and there are a lot of emojis but we can hear each other very well and are getting shit done for once.