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Mara’s back! — September 19, 2017

Mara’s back!

DM: Yeah, Mara, some old man and a young girl run off and join a circus!

Mara: Rebecca is not a nobody, we all know her, come on!

Tempest: Rebecca–you mean, Rachel?

DM: Guys, stop disrespecting Susan!

Mara Hornblower — May 12, 2017

Mara Hornblower

Mara: …so I’m playing this tribute on my horn, and then I close my eyes and like while I’m playing, these four pieces of fire come out of me.

Tempest: You mean licks of fire?

Mara: Tongues of fire? I don’t know, what do you guys want from me? Well, they join together and make like a figure out of fire that dances near the campfire. And then it goes away before I open my eyes so I don’t even know it happened.

Ovak: Mara that performance was on fire.

Nia: That was so magical!

Ovak: You could even say it was lit.

Nia: You are naturally gifted, it comes from within, I can tell!

Ovak: You are smokin’ hot at that horn.

DM: You know they should call you Hornblower! Mara Hornblower.