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Drunk Druid — February 5, 2018

Drunk Druid

Ovak to Mara: I might be a little tipsy on mimosas… but you need to define the relationship! Tell her how you feel, man!

Nobu the ten foot half dragon dude! —
Ever wondered about Ovak’s Underwear? —
Brunch with the Emperor —

Brunch with the Emperor

Mara: I have like really nice clothes from my noble background. I have like a dress and a necklace and stuff. And I”m gonna use prestidigitation to try to get some makeup going on.

Ovak: Inspired by Mara, I’m gonna wash my pants the night before.

DM: Which is awkward because he only has one pair of pants.

It was Nia. They made out!! —
Ovak’s Favorite —
Victoria Jupiter — January 9, 2018
Sweet Baby Daniel —
Battle for the Grimoire —

Battle for the Grimoire

Nia: I pick up the book.

Mara: Before she gets there, I’m going to stab it!

Ovak: Technically Mara is first in the turn order…

DM: Roll agility against each other.

Nia: I cast Misty Step to get there before her!

Mara: I’d like to point out that I am in melee range.

DM: Okay Mara gets there first.

Mara: I stab it!

Nia: So it just has a sword hole in it? I guess I’ll still try to read it.

Mara: Are you kidding me? It’s on the end of my sword! I play keep-away so you can’t get it.

Nia: Then I punch you in the face.

Mara: You really try to punch me?

Nia: I use bend luck to get advantage and I punch her!

DM: Okay Mara takes a point of damage.

Nia: I’m so proud of that point of damage.


Nia OOC: She just wanted to read the title you idiots.