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Nia used Fireball, obvi. — November 14, 2017

Nia used Fireball, obvi.

DM: He is becoming an amorphous shadowy blob.

Tempest: You guys, I think my Moonbeam is revealing something! Out of character. In character.

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Tempest breaks all the walls! — November 7, 2017
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10/3/17 SUMMARY — October 3, 2017

10/3/17 SUMMARY

We need to cross a river.

The party swims across without Pitter and Max and Lukil. Or maybe Max is there? MiLi and Starbuck are there. And Tempe’s egg.

We get to a town called Duskwood and Mara flirts with some Benedict Cumberbatch guards.

They tell us kids are dying. There’s a lot of blood at the scene of the crimes and the DM says maybe they drowned in it?

We find a body and talk to the mayor. He lets us investigate the murders/abductions.

The places where kids are dying makes a triangle on the map. Illuminati confirm!

Nia turns Mara into a sleepy kitten to wear on her shoulder and goes to find Ovak and Tempe (who were super investigating the beast areas–maybe it’s a bird?).

Tempe’s birdie egg hatches!