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Palantir Message #2 — July 10, 2018

Palantir Message #2

Dear Emperor Tyberius,

This morning we went shopping and got some fantastic dresses! We got them so we could go meet the Queen in the North. I personally looked the best.

Anyways, we let the Queen know there was some stuff going on with Scarn and the zombies. She said she trusts her entire guard and would double check the catacombs below the city for any activity.

Then we went to go see the Golden Suns–I think they’re a boy band?–and ask for heir help fighting Scarn. This all isn’t important, but I’m trying to say we are gonna need a lot of help to fight him if he really is rising! I am sure you’ll be there to save the day just in time as well. 🙂

The druids went on north to meet the other druids, so maybe they’re planing a get together? I really think they have the continent’s best interests at heart. You needn’t worry about them at all, you could wipe the all out in one sweep!

Miss you!


Tempest ❤

Our Campaign as a TV Show — May 29, 2018

Our Campaign as a TV Show

credit to Ovak for capturing this//contributors were Ovak, Nia, and Tempe:

Let’s get some season 2 wrap up music going! Like season one was on the northern continent, and like the cliff hanger was whether or not Corran was gonna die!

And then Nia came in and the producers liked the actress and kept her for Season 2. And then season 2 starts–BAM! Corrin’s dead. Tempe comes in. And then there was a spin off because the actress who played Mara got pregnant. But the new guy Max wasn’t a big hit so they dumped that.

And now this is the end of Season 2. Will Mara and Nia get together? Will Tempe and Trogdor stay together? Will Ovak and Lukil stay together? Big season closer here.

Real Talk — May 15, 2018

Real Talk

DM: Can we retcon that Pitter is a eunuch?

Ovak: Who the fuck is Pitter?

Tempest: He has oatmeal for balls. #oatmealforballs #whereelsewoulditcomefrom?

All: What the hell?

Ovak has become a carnivore because of this conversation.

Classic Tempest —
Sexual Healing —
Again, Axiom. —

Again, Axiom.

Tempest: Can someone please tell me ass-man’s real name?

Mara & Nia: Axian.

Nia: Axiom.

Mara: Aslan.

DM: Axiom.

Nia: Ass man. Sass man. Bass man. Flash man.

DM: Sassy sax man.

Nia: Cash man. Pass, man. Last man. Fast can. Trash can. Nat tan.

Mara: Arctan. [math major]

Nia: Bad plan.

DM: Bad plan=sad man.

Nia: Tan Flan

Ovak: Tim tam.

Nia: Brass can. Brash plan. Tic Tac. Flick mack. Back flack. Smack back.

Mara: Fat back.

Nia: Pack lack.

Ovak: Flash back. Nick nack.


Nice of him. —
That explains that. —
DM has two monitors. —